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Tractor Seat Installation Help


  • You will need tools that include a socket wrench and socket attachments. Other tools may be required.

  • Installation may require 2 people to complete installation. Heavy lifting is required. 

  • Always read any instructions that may come with the product to ensure proper installation.

  • Be careful when taking the old seat out as the bottom of the seats could be sharp or rusted.

  • Make sure all sensors and/or electrical devices are disconnected before removing the seat.

  • After the old seat is out, make sure to clean any old debris that may cause issues with installation.

  • Once the seat is in, make sure that everything is tightened down, so nothing comes loose that may cause issues. All sensors should be connected.

  • Try the seat out and make sure it’s to your liking.

  • Most seats have universal fittings so you're able to adjust where you are seated. Once completed, you are ready to get back to using your equipment with your brand new comfy seat.

  • Contact us at sales@tractorseat.com or call us at 682-518-3868 from 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday if you need additional assistance.